Volume Three

The third Edition of the Atlas of Design was released and sold out in 2016. It was reprinted and is available now at our web store.

Volume III of the Atlas of Design (2016) features a diverse collection of 32 maps representing some of the best cartography around the world, it is a cartographic museum gallery: part inspirational and part educational. Beautiful maps are accompanied by thoughtful commentary from their creators, bringing you into a deeper understanding of how great things are made. A year and a half in the making, this 96-page, full-color, library-quality volume is published by the North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS).

Physical details: 96 pages, hardcover, smythe sewn binding, 12” x 9” pages.


Amy Lee Walton

Yellowstone Elk Migrations The Pulse of the Park

Martin Gamache, Lauren Tierney, Lawson Parker, Shelley Sperry, Arthur Middleton


Brad Herried, Polar Geospatial Center

Caricature Map of Europe 1914

Keith Thompson

Alternative Strategic Spatial Vision of Natural Disaster Prevention in Future Shanghai


Bonaventure Cemetery Illustrated Map

Michael Karpovage

Megan's Woods

MollyMaps (Molly Holmberg Brown)

Here there be robots

Eleanor Lutz - Tabletop Whale

Jenny Lake Hiking Trails

Tom Patterson

An Unfurling of Lake Michigan

Daniel P. Huffman

Fisher Ridge KN Canyon

Stephen Gladieux

Chart of the Saint-Elias Isles

Jeff Wielki

Yellow River Basin

William Andreas Viglakis

The Analytical Tourism Map of Piedmont

Marco Bernardi, Federica Fragapane, Francesco Majno

Venice public transport map

Edvardas Ščerbavičius

The Historical Ecology of Upper San Francisquito Creek

Erik Steiner, Spatial History Project

The United States: Her Natural and Industrial Resources

Stephen Smith - The Mapsmith

Those Who Did Not Cross

Levi Westerveld

The North American Continent

Anton Thomas

UFO Sightings

John Nelson

Mars Cartography

Michael Allen Nesmith

Losing Ground

Al Shaw and Brian Jacobs for ProPublica, and Bob Marshall for The Lens

Dolomiti di Brenta hiking trails map

Marco Barbieri

Gatwick and Heathrow Worker Locations

Craig Taylor, Barton Willmore


Ryan Sullivan, Paste in Place

Bears of Finland

Annukka Mäkijärvi

Denali and the Alaska Range

Brooke E. Marston

Mississippi River

Matt Dooley, David Bergs, Matthew Bergs, Jason Blatz, Cynthia Brewer, Jeff Ferzoco, Donna Genzmer, Kyle Glowa, Sarah Harling, Chris Henrick, Diana Hoover, Alison Link, Nick Martinelli, Ashley Nepp, Chelsea Nestel, Charlie Rader, Tim Stallmann, Diego Valadares, Steve Wolf, and Patrick Wood

Unofficial TriMet System Map

Grant Humphries

Bob Marshall Country

Cairn Cartographics

Amelia Earhart's Final Flight

Kevin Cannon

Monsters of the United States

Chelsea Nestel