Volume One

Volume I of the Atlas of Design (published in 2012) features a diverse collection of 27 maps representing some of the best cartography around the world, it is a cartographic museum gallery: part inspirational and part educational. Beautiful maps are accompanied by thoughtful commentary from their creators, bringing you into a deeper understanding of how great things are made. A year and a half in the making, this 88-page, full-color, library-quality volume is published by the North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS).

Physical details: 88 pages, hardcover, smythe sewn binding, 8.5” x 11” pages.

Washington, D.C.

Ben Sheesley, David Heyman, Andy Woodruff, Mark Harrower

Hora Mundial

Eduardo Asta & Vincenzo Scarpellini

A Taxonomy of Transitions

Bill Rankin

Two Nations, Over the Air

Timothy R. Wallace

Picturing Urban Decay

Derek Watkins

Willamette River

Daniel E. Coe

Japan's Swirling Seas

Virginia Mason

Empire of Torentine: A Political Map

Brian E. Stoll

D-Day Normandy

David Deis

The Ways of the Framers

Daniel P. Huffman

Atlas of Florida’s Natural Heritage: Biodiversity, Landscapes, Stewardship, and Opportunities

Tanya M. A. Buckingham & Lou Cross

Oyster Appellations of the Pacific Northwest, Sheet 2 of 4: Northern Puget Sound

Adam Wilbert

Tea Horse Road

Martin Gamache, Marguerite B. Hunsiker, Fernando G. Baptista, Mike Reagan, Elaine Bradley, Elbie Bentley

Toronto Metropolitan Region: The Big Picture

Chris Brackley

Northern Arizona

Jean-Louis Rheault

Seafloor Map of Hawaiʻi

Tom Patterson

Malborough Sounds, New Zealand

Roger Smith

Panoramic Map of Mount Washington

Alex Tait, Judith Nielsen & Martin Gamache

Here Now!: Social Media and the Psychological City

Sarah Williams & Juan Francisco Saldarriaga


Tiberiu Chelcea

Locals and Tourists

Eric Fischer

Portland Finger Plans

Ryan Sullivan

figures INFRASTRUCTURES: At Atlas of Roads and Railways

Bieke Cattoor & Bruno De Meulder

map = yes

Aaron Straup Cope

Asheville Redefines Transit

Matt Forrest & Kate Chanba

U.S. Numbered Highways as a Subway Map

Cameron Booth

Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Residential Patterns

Larry Orman, Alexandra Barnish & Diana Pancholi