The Atlas of Design is a product of the North American Cartographic Information Society, and is prepared by a small but enthusiastic staff of volunteers:


Nat Case is a freelance cartographer in Minneapolis who has been making maps and managing publications since 1989. He is co-owner of INCase, LLC. He’s also a morris dancer and organizes pub sings in the Twin Cities. He’s not on Twitter, but you can find him on Facebook, where he’s very active.

Aileen Clarke is a freelance cartographer and developer currently based in Madison, WI. She loves to make maps of Washington, DC, where she lived for six years. When she’s not mapping, she enjoys collecting weird vintage cookbooks, taking walks to pet the neighborhood cats, and baking cookies to share with friends. You can find her at or on Twitter at @_AileenClarke.

Daniel Coe is the graphics editor for the Washington Geological Survey in Olympia, Washington, where his work highlights the geomorphology and natural hazards of the region. When not making maps, he is usually out exploring the forests and waters of Washington with his family. You can find him at or on Twitter at @geo_coe.

Erin Greb is a freelance cartographer, working with a variety of book publishers, and is also a contributing cartographer for Purple Lizard Maps. When not making maps of trails in the woods, she is out hiking or biking on them. You can find her at or on Twitter at @eringrebmaps.

Aaron Koelker is a GIS specialist with the Florida Dept of Environmental Protection, where he gets to dabble with all sorts of spatial-related things. When not designing maps, he likes to take pictures or make things out of wood. You can find him at or on Twitter at @AaronKoelker.

Past Editors

Josh Ryan served as editor for Volume 6 and is a Senior Front-end Developer for the San Antonio Spurs. While most of his time is spent thinking about basketball and ways to visualize it, he still gets time here and there to be with his first love: maps. You can find him on Twitter at @karenkingfisher

Tracy Tien served as editor for Volume 6 and is one half of the Spatial Analysis Lab at Smith College. She devises and incorporates cartography and spatial science in the curriculum, making a map or two along the way. She’s an animal aficionado, compulsive book collector, and guardian to a 50 year old motorcycle.

Brooke Marston served as editor for Volume 5 and is a cartographer in the Office of the Geographer and Global Issues at the U.S. Department of State. She enjoys making maps and infographics that contribute to all-source analysis to aid foreign policy, coordination, and diplomatic negotiations. She specializes in mountain cartography and terrain visualization. You can find her on Twitter at @mappingMarston.

Caroline Rose served as editor for Volume 5 and is a GIS specialist and cartographer at the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey, where her designs help people visualize the geology and groundwater of the state. She enjoys working in sculptural media just as much as javascript. Find her on Twitter at @cmrRose.

Vanessa Knoppke-Wetzel served as editor for Volume 5 and is a detail-oriented cartographer, analyst and designer that loves thinking about how to create and design products and utilize spatial data to tell visual stories in the best way possible. She is a Senior Map Designer at Mapbox, and also the founder of #creativeCarto. In her free time, you can find her lifting weights, running, or enjoying the outdoors. Chat with her on Twitter: @run_for_funner

Alethea Steingisser served as an editor for Volume 4 and is a cartographer and production manager at the University of Oregon’s InfoGraphics Lab. She works primarily on large atlas projects and loves maps because of their ability to tell complex stories. You can find her on Twitter at @asteingisser.

Lauren Tierney served as an editor for Volume 4 and is a cartographer and graphics reporter at The Washington Post. She enjoys telling stories with maps and specializes in mapping wildlife, environment, and adventure topics. You can find her on Twitter at @tierneyl, or at

Ginny Mason was the Assistant Editor for the third volume of the Atlas of Design and is a former cartographer and graphics editor at National Geographic Magazine. She is now Senior Cartographer at S&P Global Platts. She likes maps that help people make informed decisions. You can follow her on Twitter at @masonginny.

Sam Matthews is an engineer at Mapbox. He served as an Editor for volumes II and III of the Atlas of Design. Sam is a web developer and active proponent of open data. You can find him on Twitter at @vancematthews or see him at mapsam.

Marty Elmer served as the Assistant Editor for the Atlas of Design, Volume II and as an Editor for Volume III. He is a Minneapolis-based information designer, graphic artist, and mapping aficionado. His blog, MapHugger, is a cabinet of cartographic curiosities, celebrating the world’s most artful, experimental, and unusual maps. You can find him on Twitter at @maphugger.

Daniel Huffman served as Editor for the first two volumes of the Atlas. Working alongside founder Tim Wallace, he helped develop the template for the project, and is enormously proud of what their initial ideas have become. A high point of his life was seeing his name listed in a library catalogue. You can find him at, or on Twitter at @pinakographos.

Tim Wallace was the first Editor of the Atlas of Design, serving from 2010–2013 and carrying the project from an initial idea to a beautiful finished volume. Though he is no longer involved in the project, our work today is still very much built upon his efforts, and the Atlas of Design remains enriched by the results of his hard work and vision. You can find him at, or on Twitter at @wallacetim.

Translation Team

We’re lucky to be assisted by a splendid group of volunteers who are helping to get our message out in other languages: Johannes Kröger, Ramon L. Perez David, Veera Helle, Laurent Jégou, Costanza Asnaghi, daan Strebe, Hans van der Maarel, Tomás Setubal, Tiberiu Chelcea, Sarah Bennett, Nadiia Gorash, and Xu Wang-Angsüsser.