April 21, 2024.


We are thrilled to reveal the final selection of maps slated for inclusion in the Atlas of Design, Volume VII! Once again, we were overwhelmed with the quantity and caliber of the maps that were submitted from all over the world, which made it quite the challenge to narrow down the selection. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all participants and eagerly anticipate your submissions for future editions!

Here are maps you’ll find in the Atlas of Design Volume VII:

2024 Atlas of Design Finalists:

(Alphabetical by title, attribution may change)

Title Authors
A Delicious View of U.S. Parks Wendy Shijia Wang and RJ Andrews
A Map of Home, Stitched in Found Fabrics Eleanor Lutz
A New and Accurate Map of Earth’s Moon Kevin Sheehan
A Selection of North American Rivers Daniel P. Huffman
Adirondack Paint Map Jeff Mathison
Aotearoa Ian Reese
Argentina Gastronómica Amparo Guindon (Mapoteca)
Before You Are Here: An Indigenous Cartography of the Bay Area Clancy Wilmott
Blueprint: City Grid Svea Josephy
Californian Snowflakes Kenneth Field
Centroamérica Se Mueve(Central America Moves) Gabriela Fenner and Mir Rodríguez Lombardo
East Boston Sea Level Rise Flood Risk Andy Woodruff
Hand Drawn Map of London Jenni Sparks
Hong Kong Tramways and i-Discover Asia Tania Willis
Malaspina Glacier and the Saint Elias Mountains Tom Patterson
NATO, Geopolitics, and the Fight to Fuel Europe National Geographic
Pennsylvania Outdoor Recreation Lizard Map Purple Lizard Maps
Santorini Island Spyridon Staridas
Shipwrecks of Nova Scotia Peter Atwood
Spain’s Muslim Era National Geographic
Spirits of Scotland Milana Glebova
Taman Negara Gunung Mulu(Mount Mulu National Park) Phoebe Ly
The Bowhead Hunt and Bird Migrations as an Inupiaq Calendar System Amanda Aman
The Essential Geography of the USA David Imus
The Exploratory Map of Pilgrimage Route in Journey to the West Yue ZHANG, Jinnuo DUAN, Xi TANG (Institute of Cartography, East China Normal University)
The Forgotten Places of Bucharest Oana Candit
Under Siege: A Cartographic Chronicle of the Fifth Gaza War Adina Renner
Une Mappemonde Craquelée Xemartin Laborde
Voteland Adrián Blanco Ramos and Artur Galocha Vallejo
Wayfinding Map for Calgary’s +15 Skywalk Steer
Wien Secession, An Artsy Walk Through Vienna Camila Narbaitz Sarsur
Wild World Anton Thomas
Zibo Map of Culture and Tourism Chenxiao (Atlas) Guo

We’d also like to acknowledge a distinguished group of honorable mentions. These maps were all seriously considered for inclusion in the final volume, but unfortunately, we can only include so many—our final selection was as much about balance and variety as it was about quality!

2024 Honorable Mentions:

(Alphabetical by title)

Title Authors
A Map of Bolton Fell Moss Helen Cann
Ancient Lakes Jon Farber
Arthur’s Pass National Park Andrew Tyrrell (South Arrow Maps)
Bentonville Trails Jeremy Collins
Climbing Her Way to the Top, Janja Garnbret’s Routes in the 2020 Olympics Bouldering Final Abigail Rabinovitch
Environmental Shocks: Jeopardising Development Gains Christian Dietrich
Inhumane Flows James Cheshire and Oliver Uberti
La Luna Micaela Mendelevich (Mapoteca)
Languages & Peoples of the First Nations of Australia Alexander Broers
Monstruos y Leyendas de Rio Negro(Myths and Monsters of Rio Negro) Federico La Rosa
Reservoir Cogs Hannah Wright
The 2023 and 2024 Solar Eclipses: Through the Eyes of NASA Michala Garrison
The Philadelphia Bookstore Map Henry Crane
The Portarlington Map Melinda Clarke, Deborah Young-Monk, Sean Rodwell
Trollheimen Agnar Renolen
Yangtze River Delta: Accessing to River and Sea, Facilitating Domestic and International Circulations Feiran SUN, Yameng WANG, Xi TANG (Institute of Cartography, East China Normal University)

And lastly, we’d like to give a big thanks to our volunteer judges, who were willing to lend their time and cartographic expertise to the selection process. Their efforts help us to create the best Atlas we can. Our immense thanks goes to: Aly Ollivierre, Anton Thomas, Bill Limpisathian, Daniel Huffman, Delphine Papin, Jack Gieseking, Jim Meacham, Jennifer Mapes, Jug Cerovic, Julie Witmer, Molly O’Halloran, and Tim Wallace.

So what’s next? The Editorial Team and this volume’s contributors will begin working on assembling layouts and crafting the commentary for each map. From there we hope to have a first draft layout for the book by July and files shipped to our press in August. At the moment, we are still on target for release during the NACIS Annual Meeting in October (see you in Tacoma!).

Aaron, Aileen, Dan and Erin – Atlas of Design Volume VII Editorial Team