August 29, 2018.

As we are finishing the commentary text, composing the layout, preparing files for the press, and giving interviews with several media outlets, the pre-orders are rolling in!


On August 14, pre-orders nearly doubled in one day! Pre-orders skyrocketed when an article from Atlas Obscura nearly coincided with the opening of NACIS Annual Meeting registration. Yesterday (August 28), The Guardian released a gallery of images from our upcoming volume, and orders are climbing once again!

Pre-orders will close on September 15. At that time, we will put in our order with the press for a certain number of copies. After that order is in, we will have a finite quantity of books to sell until they sell out. The pre-orders are far exceeding our expectations, and we will be ordering more prints than originally planned. Thank you for pre-ordering – it really helps us gauge the demand!

graph of preorders over time

Ordering FAQs

A few clarifications:

Can you ship reprints of Volumes 1, 2, and 3 with Volume 4?

We are very excited to see Volumes 1, 2, and 3 approaching their goals for funding of a reprint. However, the reprints will not be ready to ship with Volume 4 in October.

If you would like a copy of Volume 1, 2, or 3, please order through our Celery campaigns– you will only be charged if and when the reprint is funded.

Why is the shipping price so high?

Our BigCartel shop does not show our shipping prices up-front. I think there is some sticker-shock when the shipping is added to the order, and we have had multiple comments and emails about the cost of shipping.

For your reference, here is a table of the shipping totals.

  USA Canada Elsewhere
One copy $6.95 $17.95 $27.95
Two copies $10.95 $35.90 $55.90
Additional copies Each additonal copy will add $4 (order through our web store) Email us your shipping city for a quote Email us your shipping city for a quote

That cost is actually shipping and handling; it includes $3.00 per copy that we pay to our fulfillment company for packaging and labor (no matter the shipping location). In retrospect, I see that we could have priced the book at $38, including the $3 packaging and labor fees into the cover price instead, which would make the shipping price look less intimidating.

Based on prior volumes, a package with one book will weigh about 2.3 pounds. Within the USA, we can ship that by Media Mail for $3.95. To Canada, the shipping portion of the cost is $14.95; anywhere else, $24.95. Within the USA, each additional book adds a $3 handling fee and raises shipping by $1. Orders of two copies outside the USA are simply double the shipping price of one copy. When you order three or more copies sent outside the USA, please contact us for a shipping discount, as the price per-book begins to go down at that point.

Outside of the USA, large orders can help you save on shipping (please contact us)! We had a group of customers collaborate to place one order of 9 copies to Germany, and their shipping costs averaged out to somewhere around $13.50 apiece.

Hope this helps to clarify! Please let us know if you have questions!

– Caroline, Co-Editor for Volume 4