October 28, 2014.

While the Atlas of Design features 32 top-quality examples of modern cartography, we received many more excellent works which did not make it into the final book. We chose to recognize the quality of these maps by naming them Honorable Mentions. In such a crowded field, these works stood out:

1. All 9,866,539 buildings in the Netherlands by Bert Spaan

2. Savannah Historic District Illustrated Map by Michael Karpovage

3. The hiking trails web map of Trentino by Marco Barbieri

4. Antillia by Gillis Björk

5. 手机APP景点通-普陀山地图 by TouchChina UX Team:廖颖,薛文丞

6. Global Land Temperatures since 1900 by Halftone

7. The Noland Trail by Jonah Adkins

8. Memory Roots: A Traveler’s History by Brita Swanson

9. Official Royal Wedding Procession Route by Michael A Hill

10. Brighton Resort Trail Map by Jonathan Hull

11. The Places We’ve Been! by Chelsea Nestel

12. University of Wisconsin Campus Map by Dylan Moriarty