The Atlas of Design is a product of the North American Cartographic Information Society, and is prepared by a small, but enthusiastic staff of volunteers:


Daniel Huffman is a freelance cartographic designer and the proud owner of the imaginatively-named domain You can find him on Twitter at @pinakographos, or read one of his two blogs. He hopes to someday invent the profession “map critic.”
Sam Matthews is a Web Developer/Designer at Creative Media Alliance and the humble co-founder of Situated Laboratories. He currently lives in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle after completing a GIS/Cartography Certificate from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Follow him @vancematthews or see him at mapsam.

Assistant Editor

Marty Elmer is a Minneapolis-based information designer, graphic artist, and mapping aficionado. His blog, MapHugger, is a cabinet of cartographic curiosities, celebrating the world’s most artful, experimental, and unusual maps. You can find him on Twitter at @maphugger.

Translation Team

We’re lucky to be assisted by a splendid group of volunteers who are helping to get our message out in other languages: Johannes Kröger, Ramon L. Perez David, Veera Helle, Laurent Jégou, Costanza Asnaghi, daan Strebe, Hans van der Maarel, Tomás Setubal, Tiberiu Chelcea, Sarah Bennett, Nadiia Gorash, and Xu Wang-Angsüsser.

Past Editor

Tim Wallace was the first Editor of the Atlas of Design, serving from 2010–2013 and carrying the project from an initial idea to a beautiful finished volume. Though he is no longer involved in the project, our work today is still very much built upon his efforts, and the Atlas of Design remains enriched by the results of his hard work and vision. You can find him at, or on Twitter at @wallacetim.

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