Volume Five

The fifth Edition of the Atlas of Design was released in November of 2020.

Volume V of the Atlas of Design (2020) features 31 maps from cartographers around the world. Each map is accompanied by commentary from the cartographer. This 102-page, full-color, library-quality volume is published by the North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS).

Physical details: 102 pages, hardcover, smythe sewn binding, 12” x 9” pages.

Divided Globe Triptych, Segment and Poles Apart

Loraine Rutt

The Lost Treasures of Isla del Coco

Jakob Listabarth


Victoria Rose Richards

How Birds Migrate

Fernando G. Baptista, Lauren E. James, Daisy Chung, Eve Conant, Irene Berman-Vaporis, Scott Zillmer, Adrienne Tong, Matthew W. Chwastyk, Clare Trainor, and Riley Champine, National Geographic

The First 100 Days of Protests in Hong Kong

Pablo Robles, South China Morning Post

City of Kingkel


Surfing Saco Bay

Margot Carpenter

The Central Park Squirrel Census

Nathaniel Slaughter

The Blessed Dhofar Region / The Frankincense Trail

Adonis Durado, Antonio Farach, Jorge Cortés, Isidore Vic Carloman, Winie Ariany, Erik Tuban, Muthita Torteeka, and Ismael Sandiego, Times of Oman

Mapping America's Wicked Weather and Deadly Disasters

Tim Meko, The Washington Post

A Chronicle of Craters

Soren Walljasper

South of Bass Strait

Alex Hotchin

Nature in the City, A Map, A Journey, A Guide to San Francisco

Lindsay Irving, Mary Ellen Hannibal, Amber Hasselbring, and Jane Kim

The Paris Map

Kevin Sheehan, Manuscript Maps

Holocaust by Bullets

Berenbaum Jacobs Associates, Alison DeGraff Ollivierre, and Pacific Studio, for the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum

The Stikine Icefield

Eric Knight

Appalachian Trail Fold Out Shelter Reference and Journal-Atop Adventure Map

John Nelson and Erich Rainville

Cross-sections through California

RJ Andrews

The Pacific's Fiery Ring

Matthew Chwastyk and Manuel Canales, National Geographic

I Was There

Levi Westerveld and Anne Kelly Knowles

A New and Complete Map of the Inside Passage, Covering the Journey from Bellingham to Juneau, Including the Principal Islands, Settlements, Passages, &c.

Daniel P. Huffman

Greenland (Where the Ice Meets the Ocean)

Christopher Pollard

Island Time

Le Monde graphics department collective, under the direction of Delphine Papin

Mapping the Fiery Chaos

Lauren Tierney, Armand Emamdjomeh, Aaron Steckelberg, Ann Gerhart, Danielle Rindler, Michael E. Ruane, and Laris Karklis, The Washington Post

The Essential Geography of Oregon

Dave Imus

A Hexagonal Tile Grid of American Counties

William M. Hartnett

The Melbourne Map

City Maps Illustrated Pty Ltd

Grave Smoky Mountains National Park

Aaron Koelker

The Teton Fault

Rick Zeeb, MagnaTerra Cartographic

An Orbit Map of the Solar System

Eleanor Lutz

Botanical World Map Tapestry

Vanessa Barragão, in partnership with Kew Gardens and Heathrow airport