The inaugural edition of the Atlas of Design is built out of the hard work of a great many talented artists and designers. The contributors and their works, in order of appearance in the book:

Ben Sheesley, David Heyman, Andy Woodruff, Mark Harrower / Axis Maps
Washington, D.C.

Eduardo Asta and Vincenzo Scarpellini
Hora Mundial

Cameron Booth
U.S. Numbered Highways as a Subway Map 

Matt Forrest and Kate Chanba / Carticulate
Asheville Redefines Transit

Aaron Straup Cope / Stamen Design
map = yes

Bieke Cattoor and Bruno De Meulder
figures INFRASTRUCTURES: At Atlas of Roads and Railways

Ryan Sullivan / Paste in Place
Portland Finger Plans

Eric Fischer
Locals and Tourists

Tiberiu Chelcea

Sarah Williams, Juan Francisco Saldarriaga
Here Now!: Social Media and the Psychological City

Alex Tait and Judith Nielsen / International Mapping | Martin Gamache / National Geographic Magazine
Panoramic Map of Mount Washington

Roger Smith, Geographx
Malborough Sounds, New Zealand

Tom Patterson, US National Park Service
Seafloor Map of Hawaiʻi 

Jean-Louis Rheault
Northern Arizona

Chris Brackley / As the Crow Flies cARTography | The Neptis Foundation | The GIS and Cartography Office, Department of Geography, University of Toronto
Toronto Metropolitan Region: The Big Picture

Martin Gamache, Marguerite B. Hunsiker, Fernando G. Baptista, Mike Reagan, Elaine Bradley, Elbie Bentley / National Geographic Magazine
Tea Horse Road

Adam Wilbert / CartoGaia
Oyster Appellations of the Pacific Northwest, Sheet 2 of 4: Northern Puget Sound

Tanya M. A. Buckingham / University of Wisconsin Cartography Laboratory | Lou Cross Florida State University—Institute of Science and Public Affairs
Atlas of Florida’s Natural Heritage: Biodiversity, Landscapes, Stewardship, and Opportunities

Daniel P. Huffman / somethingaboutmaps
The Ways of the Framers

David Deis / Dreamline Cartography
D-Day Normandy

Brian E. Stoll
Empire of Torentine: A Political Map

Virginia Mason / National Geographic Maps
Japan’s Swirling Seas

Daniel E. Coe / Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries
Willamette River

Derek Watkins
Picturing Urban Decay

Timothy R. Wallace / University of Wisconsin-Madison
Two Nations, Over the Air

Bill Rankin / Yale University
A Taxonomy of Transitions

Larry Orman, Alexandra Barnish, Diana Pancholi / GreenInfo Network
Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Residential Patterns